Political Bodies Double Bill




Dr Nathalie Teitler - Rivers of Blood offers more insight in a few minutes than most politicians/artists have managed in years. Beautifully crafted and intelligently performed it combines a range of contemporary dance styles including jazz. It demonstrates the ability of dance to speak when words have failed.



Sophie de Vries - It was a slap in the face, a piece with strong, serious and painful themes.


Robert Kazandjian - Race Tracks was spectacular, boundary pushing, thought provoking work. Thank you for creating.



Sean Graham’s Foreign Bodies Orchestra (FBO) presents a participatory event that culminates in an evening of dynamic performance work by creative director Sean Graham. The evening transitions through a shared exploration of identity, otherness, diversity, and multiculturalism within Britain. Headlined by his latest work RACE TRACKS, the evening will consist of three works that lead audiences gut-first into an engaging physical and visceral discourse that interacts with the historical, internal and civil aspects of our relationship with otherness.

From the Windrush to Brexit, this dance work explores the traumatisation of identity, nationalism and culture caused by fear based propaganda.



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I would like to thank Breakin' Convention, the Association of Dance of the African Diaspora (DAD), We Move, Haringey Sixth Form, East London Dance and TALAWA Theatre Company for all the support they have given my work and the development of FBO.


I would also like to thank the Arts Council England for their contributed R&D funding which was of tremendous assistance in launching our path in early 2015. FBO Creative Director, Sean D Graham.

THANK YOU to our partners & supporters


FBO use a combination of genres to create a unique voice with an urban resonance. Grounded in hip hop and contemporary theatre cultures, our creative aesthetic reflects Britain’s cultural tapestry and is furthered by our ethnic diversity of specialism in Capoeira, African dance and UK underground Jazz.

What to expect...


Audience will be lead gut-first into an engaging physical and visceral discourse that explores the historical, contemporary and socially internalised aspects of acculturation and our relationship with identity, nationalism and otherness.



Sharing the same title as the former Concervative MP Enoch Powell's infamous 1968 speech Rivers of Blood addressing the 'immigrant invasion' of the Windrush era. The piece with the same title, internalises and embodies the trauma that comes with the propagated fear of a foreign cultural in Britain. As the decades have rolled by the high expectations that only followed rejection, did they vindicate Powell's notion of anarchy or was the explosion ignited from within?


Race Tracks brings the programme to a bold and satirical close as a full cast of ethni-letes wrestle, hurdle, jump, argue and sprint their way through a social commentary piece on the underlying dynamics of racial politics and cultural frictions as they compete for acceptance and cultural integration. We undress what could be a more sinister undercurrent of the British multicultural extravaganza and wander open its insidious spectacle.


Date: 13th October, Friday


Time: 7:30pm


Ticket: £12 / £9 concs. Age 16+


Venue: Canada Water Cultural Centre



Book Online: canadawaterculturespace.org.uk | Box Office: 020 8692 4446

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