Be part of the FBO creative journey on stage or behind the scenes.


Behind the scenes are the creative minds that orchestrate the stage magic from the shadows


The production team mainly consist of set design, sound compostion, props and lighting. As a company we also include videography.


You will have the opportunity to contribute to the design of a company creation.


You will learn from professionals how they arrive at the answers that theatre raises questions to.


You will see the process from design to stage.

Photo by Julia Testa



FBO Generation is a pilot scheme for emerging artists/performers (18+) who would like experience in a professional company setting preparing them for a versitle career in the dance and theatre industry.


Members will receive:


  • Training in the craft of theatre making - Physical Theatre / Hip hop Theatre / Contremporay dance theatre


  • Company rep - Race Tracks / Buskin' Boy / Rivers Of Blood and more


  • Dance techniques - Hip hop / Capoeria / Contemporary / Krump / Abstract / House and various cultural dances


  • FBO Education programme - Members will learn, participate and contribute via the study of the political and social themes that the company explore in their work


FBO Generation members will congregate on a regular basis and will also perform at key public events.

The following opportunities are on a voluntary training and experience basis. Those taking part may be considered for official company posts when they are opened.

*Subject to performance, post availability and funding.







We are always looking for fresh new talent to train on the job


You will gain first hand experience of being part of a professional company as an understudy.


You will be assigned to a full cast member.


Develop a character based around your own cultural background.


Every company needs a team of Van Gogh's behind their marketing strategy


We will share our marketing knowledge and assign specific responsibilities that will help you articulate your experience in the field.


You will learn and apply social media strategies across Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.


You will become familiar with blogging platforms and learn how to become an efficient blogger.



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One of the most essential fields, as important as the melody that ties a song together


We will equip you with a comprehensive artiliary of tools and methods for effective administration within the arts.


You will cover scheduling, planning and file updates.


You will learn about streamlined company communication.


You will learn how to take important meeting minutes and how to relay outcomes of covered agenda.



I would like to thank Breakin' Convention, the Association of Dance of the African Diaspora (DAD), We Move, Haringey Sixth Form, East London Dance and TALAWA Theatre Company for all the support they have given my work and the development of FBO.


I would also like to thank the Arts Council England for their contributed R&D funding which was of tremendous assistance in launching our path in early 2015. FBO Creative Director, Sean D Graham.

THANK YOU to our partners & supporters


Copyright© All Rights Reserved. Sean Graham



If you are interested and feel that you and the company can benefit from working together




Give us some background on your studies or experience so far.


Let us know what you are interested in being a part of.


Give us an outline of your availability.