The Foyer




The Foyer

To Whom I Dance

A solo performance by Sean Graham for the Slavery Remembrance Memorial event, 20th Aug 2017, held in Trafalgar Square.

Race Tracks features a full cast of performers wrestling, hurdling, jumping and sprinting their way through the tricky dynamics of racial politics and cultural frictions.


Rivers of Blood, inspired by Enoch Powell’s infamous speech of the same name, uses dance, political soundscape and projection to examine how fear of foreign culture can be deliberately perpetuated.



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I would like to thank Breakin' Convention, the Association of Dance of the African Diaspora (DAD), We Move, Haringey Sixth Form, East London Dance and TALAWA Theatre Company for all the support they have given my work and the development of FBO.


I would also like to thank the Arts Council England for their contributed R&D funding which was of tremendous assistance in launching our path in early 2015. FBO Creative Director, Sean D Graham.

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