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In the backstage area you will discover more indepth insight to our seasonal activities and more about the artists and partners that FBO collaborate with.

An essential element of our creation process is engaging in dialogue with our audience and the genral society we live in. Before we create we have an open floor policy where we welcome participants to inform us on a subject that we're interested in. We do this via our social media and right here on the FBO website. You can comment direct to us or take part in a questionnaire. You could eve simply email us with your opinions. We'll always respond. See example below.



We have created an open survey asking public opinion on these issues. Help inform and form our creative work by taking afew minutes to answer some of our questions anonymously.


THE CASE - The rise of EDL, UKIP and the manifestation of BREXIT appear to be proof of a growing discomfort within the silent majority of the British nation. A feeling that the ‘politically correct’ have gone too far with their liberal ideals has vreated a push back that demands a change in the direction of muliticulturalism and limitless immigration policies.


RACE TRACKS ASKS - What is it that these appointed defenders of ‘Britishness’ are trying to protect so vigorously? Is it tangible fair what they ask or are they the ones who are being idealistic?



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I would like to thank Breakin' Convention, the Association of Dance of the African Diaspora (DAD), We Move, Haringey Sixth Form, East London Dance and TALAWA Theatre Company for all the support they have given my work and the development of FBO.


I would also like to thank the Arts Council England for their contributed R&D funding which was of tremendous assistance in launching our path in early 2015. FBO Creative Director, Sean D Graham.

THANK YOU to our partners & supporters


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