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"We are all foreigners striving to find a place called home." - Sean Graham

We believe in the power of people coming together, sharing views and building social bridges. We facilitate this action by confronting political and cultural issues from a macro and micro level to reveal how they affect our everyday life.


The Orchestra ensure its reflection of its audience and wider society by working with artists who have a genuine connection to the social, cultural or political issues being addressed.

We also believe, from the social, political and self- identity aspect of our lives, we are all foreigners striving to make such places our home. This never ending journey is part of an essential and fascinating human facet that must be embraced and explored.



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I would like to thank Breakin' Convention, the Association of Dance of the African Diaspora (DAD), We Move, Haringey Sixth Form, East London Dance and TALAWA Theatre Company for all the support they have given my work and the development of FBO.


I would also like to thank the Arts Council England for their contributed R&D funding which was of tremendous assistance in launching our path in early 2015. FBO Creative Director, Sean D Graham.

THANK YOU to our partners & supporters


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